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Kanika, the mommy, was never satisfied with the toys available in market. Always researching on ways to engage her baby girl all the while keeping her away from myriad screens. But then work commitments took the family to a tier 3 city. With no satisfactory schools around she took it upon herself to teach with play. Resulting in Mommy produced kid certified activity and crafts. The toddler’s response, “Mummy, one more activity” and Kanika was on cloud nine. After experimenting with some more certifying agencies (read kids & moms) TCB was born.

The Curious Bees  is the second baby of a 2 year old’s mom! TCB develops theme-based activities to keep infants and toddlers engaged in a meaningful screen less manner. Our motto? Play is the best form of learning. The more they play, the more they learn! 

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