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Development Activities for 2-3 year olds!

Educating children through games is the best way to promote their motor skills and exercise both, their body and mind. It can also be a great way to enhance communication skills in kids, especially when they are still learning to talk and express themselves. So, here are some fantastic activities that your kids will enjoy to the fullest.

Create A Giant Drawing - A giant drawing is an oversized piece of paper that is stuck down using sticky tape. Over a period of days the drawing grows and develops, sometimes a bit of a theme or story grows with it.

Tin Can Music Makers - All you need are empty tin cans and fillings of your choice like uncooked pasta, rice, tiny balls or coconut shavings. Don’t forget to make a craft activity while at it and give these tins a whole new look!

Learning Colours - Playing around with colour specific activities can be a great way to introduce colours. You can bring in examples from food and nature, and combine them with paints and coloured papers.

Number Cookies - An irresistibly yummy numeracy activity for kids! Get some cookie dough, number-shaped cookie cutters and some icing and you’ll see snacking, learning and creativity all come together!

Ice Boats Water Play - Water and ice are great for sensory play with kids as it engages children into a world of exploration. To make your water and ice sensory play experience a little more fun you can turn the ice blocks into boats.

The bonus - there is so much science to be explored with water and ice!

Let us know which ones you try and are eager to!

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