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Developmental Activities for your 6 Month Old Baby

Time flies when your little one is growing up and achieving milestones every week! You probably think there’s not much for you to do with your 6 month old munchkin, except their regular eat, burp and sleep routines. But it turns out, your child’s development starts super early! And what better way of developing, other than our favourite, play time!

1.Blowing Bubbles

Get yourself a bubble blower and watch your child’s eyes light up seeing something so delicate and beautiful! The bonus? It helps them with their vision and concentration and keeps them so entertained!


The oldest trick in the book! And one we’ve all done, with others’ kids if not our own. This cute little game is sure to get some giggles out of your child. Additionally, it helps them understand that people or objects exist even when they aren't visible.


Kicking is one of the games that can help integrate the sensory and physical developmental skills of 6-month-old babies. Take some colored pieces of cloth — like napkins or burp cloths — and tuck them under the cushions of the sofa with a bit hanging over, like a curtain.

Place your baby on their back with their feet touching the cloth and their knees bent. Your baby will begin kicking the piece of cloth with their feet. This game helps your baby learn chin tucking, sensory integration, cause and effect, and body awareness.

4.Tummy Time

No, it’s never too early to get your child started with tummy time. As scary as it sounds, it’s essential and has so many advantages you wouldn’t wanna miss. So, how do you make this fun? Throw in a ball, spread some toys, and just be with them. Simple!

5.Follow the Leader

Start simple and slow, with actions your baby can easily watch and repeat. Like, waving the hand up and down, clapping, closing your eyes, and opening your eyes. This activity also helps kids develop their memory power and makes them understand how imitation works.


Lifting your baby up in the air and making them fly all around can make for such an exciting play time! Imagine it as a safer and smaller roller coaster, now that’s supposed to be thrilling, isn’t it?

Of course, the reading, talking and singing activities remain ever important, but it can be interesting to found out how your baby responds to some unexpected changes in routine! Happy play time!

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