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How to engage your 1 year old little baby?

Are you one of the online moms who is constantly searching for methods to engage and entertain their one-year-old? Finding the best activities may be really difficult and time-consuming, so I completely understand. Today's internet is overflowing with activities, some of which are too challenging for young children, and others of which are too basic and may quickly bore a child.

Your child has undoubtedly reached the next significant milestone after learning to walk, talk, dance, and play. Are you aware that play can be crucial for a child's entire development and that one doesn't require many or expensive games and toys? Let me help you with some ideas:

  • Building blocks: If not, it is one of your child's best play activities. I am sure you have already tried this one out. You can choose between wooden or plastic building blocks, and you can see your child smile each time they attempt to make something new out of the blocks.

  • Stacking toys: – A simple game that can be played with household items. Show your little one how to stack your glasses and bowls, one on top of the other. It is a fantastic tool to improve dexterity and understand big and small.

  • Toy tool sets: You would have undoubtedly enjoyed playing with a doctor or mechanic set. Wasn't that fun? Your child's ability to understand various situations will improve through pretend play or role-playing, thus enhancing their reasoning skills.

  • Push walkers: By now, your child should be walking, if not properly, then at least with some assistance. These push walkers are designed specifically to give your child the freedom to walk without an adult (of course, under strict supervision) while strengthening their muscles and bones.

  • Fruits and Vegetable cutting toy set: Will you make a fruit salad for your mother? Long that I have said this to my daughter (she has grown up for this game now). A great toy for improving children's hand movement that will keep them occupied for a while. They'll adore the Velcro and enjoy attaching and removing it for fun.

  • Dance and Movement Time: Children can unwind and have a fantastic time listening to music. Play some relaxing music that you and your child both like, then get your body moving. A perfect exercise for the entire body. You can even try white music to calm your baby and make them sleep peacefully.

  • Shapes sorter: There is a good reason why there are so many sorting toys available online. Children are drawn to different shapes, and sorting them will help them develop better hand movements. They will improve their hand-eye coordination when they arrange the pieces according to form.

  • Peg puzzles: Peg Puzzles are great for your kid's pincer's grip. Look for puzzles with animals, birds, fruits, or even the alphabets as per your child interests. And while they are playing, show your kids what is in the photo.

  • Art materials: Little ones enjoy scribbling. Give them crayons and sheets so they can explore their own world of creativity. Why? because it fosters concentration and focus.

  • Early learning flash cards: Flash cards aid in brain growth, and although I may have forgotten to mention it earlier, 90% of brain development takes place in the first two years. Use a variety of flashcards to teach your child to identify the images on each one. Let your child choose the card the next time you take their name.

  • Loads of outdoor time/park time: Social engagement is very necessary for kids today, especially if we stay in a nuclear environment. Take your child out for a walk in a garden and let them enjoy nature’s beautiful creations. Let them touch and smell the flowers, look at the birds flying and listen to their chirping, collect some nature's treasures in their baskets. This is the best way to develop their senses.

  • Sensory play time: Literally anything can be used to make a sensory bin, including rice, blocks, noodles, plastic toys, and colours. Your child's motor skills and cognitive development are both aided by sensory play. Allow your toddler to explore the bin's many objects and textures.

  • Water play time: If you haven't yet, you should invest in a little play tub for your toddler. Make bath time even more enjoyable by filling the tub with toys. Just a friendly reminder: Never let your child bathe alone; always make sure they are closely watched.

  • Reading books: The ancient saying "Books are ones best friend" still holds true. If you instill this habit in your child at a young age, they will acquire a long-lasting reading talent. Little ones are drawn to bright picture books. You can also set up a fun bookish play. Also, while reading, use a variety of voices and facial expressions to get your child to respond in different ways.

Even while all of the aforementioned things will aid in your child's growth, as a mother, I firmly believe that spending time with your child is just as vital as playing with toys. So play for enjoyment rather than just for the sake of playing.

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