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Setting Up Your Child's Doctor Station!

Little kids absolutely LOVE imaginative play. If there’s anything they more love than that, it’s pretending to be a medical professional! Transforming your dramatic play area into a doctor’s office is a wonderful idea for a pretend play theme. Toddlers can imagine they are the doctor, the nurse, the patient, or even the receptionist. Providing theme related props and decorations are a must for any dramatic play area. Here are few ideas to get you started!

A Doctor’s Office – Can a professional function without his space? Nope! You can get your child a really large cardboard box, or make do with smaller pieces of your regular furniture. Including a hand-washing station and waiting area can be a nice touch too!

A Doctor’s Bag – It can include a stethoscope, a reflex hammer, and a blood pressure cuff. Don’t forget to throw in lots of band-aids, gauze, face masks, syringes, a hot/cold pack, a thermometer, a prescription pad, and a medical tape.

Eye Chart – You can print and laminate Eye Charts found online. Stick it on a wall and make it your “eye checking station”.

Patient Check Up Charts – You can print out a sketch of the human body and use a clipboard to diagnose the problematic body part. Or you could download our free Patient Checkup Chart given below

to make it all the more real!

Lab Coat – You can simply hand over one of your white shirts to your child, if you want to skip ordering one!

A Pharmacy and a Prescription - Your little doctors can write prescriptions too. To create a pharmacy within your play area, bring in a medicine sorter with either candies or pretend-tablets!

Download Online Printables - Your kids will have so much fun as they pretend to be doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and lab technicians. While they take a break from being one, they can learn so much more about this profession with these super interesting and fun to solve free worksheets linked below. Because even off-duty doctors need to keep practising, right? Bonus - You can find the one that fits your child's age group.

Patient Checkup
Download PDF • 545KB
Free Printables 2-3 years
Download PDF • 10.45MB
Free Printables for 4-5 years
Download PDF • 14.41MB

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