Give your child the perfect opportunity to explore life dwelling in the greens & the blues with our Little Explorer's Combo pack.


The combo pack of two theme based activity boxes - Animals & Ocean, that will take them through the life of both terrestrial & marine animals. Packed with 6-8 activities each, these activity boxes provide comprehensive learning about various concepts in the most fun & interactive ways!


Here's what you can expect to be covered in the boxes - 

1. Learning about animals' habitats through sticker activity.

2. Understanding the depths of ocean & the animals that dwelve in those depths through reusable puzzle activity.

3. Identifying land & marine animals with various factors like skin patterns, characteristics etc. through reusable puzzle activity/worksheets.

4. A memory card game to learn about marine transport.

5. Learning about animal babies, food and houses.

6. Exploring how animals breathe & move in their environment.

7. Vocabulary enhancement by learning ocean terminologies with fun brain teasers.

8. Understanding shapes through puzzle activity.

9. Exploring the oceans of the world & the water component of Earth.

10. Bunch of craft activities like Kangaroo craft, lion craft, jellyfish craft, turtle craft & puffer fish craft.

11. A lion pretend play activity along with painting a lion mask.

12. Some worksheets with fun brain teasers and math concepts.


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Little Explorers Combo Activity Boxes

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