All aboard the Ship! Submarine TCB is all set to dive. Explore the marine life from corals to sea animals through exciting stickers, craft activities and puzzles.

A perfect activity box to introduce aquatic life to your kid!

Activities included:

1. Have fun with Stickers - There are two ocean worksheets & a sticker sheet. Kids have to stick different sea animals onto the worksheet.


2. Match the shapes - There is a worksheet with fishes made of different shapes along with shapes cut-outs. Kids have to match the cut-outs with the shapes on the worksheet.


3. Jelly fish & Turtle craft - This includes craft material & cut-outs of body parts of a jelly fish and a turtle. Kids have to put them together as per the instructions provided.


4. Fish & Sea Craft - This includes craft material & colours to make a puffer fish & sea composition.


5. Ocean Zones Puzzle – Cut out the aquatic animals from the worksheet and place the right animal on the right depth zone depicted in the Ocean poster.


6. Marine Transport Memory Cards – Learn about marine transport while playing with the memory cards as per the instructions provided.


7. Ocean worksheets  – Learn about Anatomy of aquatic animals, how to they breathe, how do they move in water, different oceans of the world, ocean terminologies etc.

Ocean Theme Activity Box

  • 2 years +