Vroom! Vroom! The Car goes zoom.

A perfect activity box to introduce different modes of transportation to your kid while learning shapes and colours and making a hot air balloon!

Activities included:

1. Have fun with stickers - There are three picture sheets for different modes of transport and a sticker sheet with different vehicles. Identify the vehicle and put the sticker on the correct sheet.


2. Match the shapes : Eight different shapes. Velcro dot puzzle activity. Match the shapes to the shapes on the cars.


3. Match the colours : Eight colours. A sticker activity. Match the colour to the car’s colours.


4. Hot Air Balloon : Tear the coloured papers and stick it to the worksheet using Fevicol.


5. Rocket Craft : Cut out the pieces of the craft worksheet and assemble the rocket. Complete it with the flame and decorate with the material provided.


6. Traffic Manual & Road Map : A big & colourful (non-tearable) road map of the city including traffic signals and road signs that kids can run their cars on. This comes with a traffic manual to help them understand the signs.


7. Wheels on the Bus : A modeling craft activity to be used as pretend play. Kids will craft a bus and drive it down the road map provided. Learn the basic road signs alongside!


8. Reusable Worksheets : These cover all relevant road safety rules for kids in attractive colorful images along with importance of different kinds of vehicles like Ambulance, Construction vehicles etc.

Vehicles Theme Activity Box

  • 2 years +