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Introducing the Early Learning Combo Set of 3 - a captivating and educational journey into the world of knowledge and imagination brought to you by The Curious Bees! Our mission is to empower parents and inspire screen-free childhoods, and this set of 108 flashcards is designed with love and care to nurture young minds aged 1 and above.


Animals Flashcard Set: Learning becomes a delightful adventure with these 36 high-quality, beautifully illustrated animals flashcards. Each card features an amazing illustration of the animal on one side, and on the other side, a high-quality image showcasing the animal in its natural habitat. These cards create an engaging learning experience, fostering curiosity about the incredible creatures that share our planet.


Fruits and Vegetables Flashcard Set: Nurture a love for healthy eating and cultivate recognition skills with these vibrant illustrations of fruits and vegetables. These cards act as excellent tools for learning and discovering the bounties of nature. Encourage your little ones to explore a world of flavors and colors while having fun with each card.


Everyday Objects Flashcard Set: Open the doors to understanding the world around us with 36 high-quality, beautifully illustrated, double-sided flashcards. These cards introduce 72 essential everyday objects in English and Hindi, enhancing linguistic intelligence and enriching your child's vocabulary. Watch as their imagination flourishes and their knowledge expands through play and learning.


Each set is designed to spark the joy of learning, enhancing memory, retention, and promoting creativity and cognitive skills. These cards are crafted with durability in mind, featuring laminated thick paper with blunt corners for safe handling. Their pocket-friendly size (7.5cm * 10.5cm) makes them easy to carry and perfect for play, homeschooling, or even in primary school classrooms.


Moreover, these flashcards have been thoughtfully curated as a combo for encouraging early learning, making them a worthwhile investment for your little ones!

Encourage your child's imagination to flourish with these activity-based flashcards. Here's how to make the most of this engaging educational tool:


  1. Discover and Identify: Start by showing your child a card from any set. Let them observe the vibrant illustrations and identify the subject. Encourage them to say the name aloud, reinforcing their memory and language skills.
  2. Learn with Context: For the Animals Flashcard Set, share exciting facts about each creature and its habitat. With the Fruits and Vegetables Flashcard Set, talk about their flavors and nutritional benefits. With the Everyday Objects Flashcard Set, have fun learning the names of objects in both English and Hindi!
  3. Interactive Play: Engage in role-play games with the cards, encouraging your child to act like the animals, imitate the sounds they make, or even imagine a world filled with their favorite fruits and vegetables.
  4. Create Stories: Mix and match cards from different sets to create unique stories and adventures. Your child's creativity will soar as they weave tales and explore the world through their imagination.
  5. On the Go Fun: Take these flashcards on your travels, making them the perfect travel partner. The engaging activities will keep your child entertained and learning while on the move.


At The Curious Bees, we take immense pride in delivering top-quality products that are educational, entertaining, and budget-friendly. Our flashcards are carefully researched and expertly illustrated, ensuring incredible customer satisfaction. Give your child the gift of knowledge and joy with our Early Learning Combo Set of 3 - a gift that will inspire and empower their growing minds!

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