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At The Curious Bees, we are passionate about empowering parents and inspiring screen-free childhoods. To celebrate the 77th Independence Day, we proudly present our flagship product - The India Treasure Chest. This delightful box is specially curated to kickstart your child's journey of discovering our incredible India through engaging and enriching activities, flashcards, and worksheets.


The India Treasure Chest includes 10+ fun and enjoyable activities:


  1. Craft Fun: Let your child express their creativity with a craft activity to create the Indian National Flag.
  2. National Symbols of India Flash Cards: Explore 16 national symbols of India along with their symbolic importance, helping your child connect with our rich heritage.
  3. Festivals of India Puzzle: Dive into the colorful world of Indian festivals with a velcro puzzle featuring four major celebrations.
  4. Wildlife of India: Discover the diverse flora and fauna of India with a set of 24 flashcards showcasing Indian animals, accompanied by an India map poster displaying their natural habitats.
  5. India Worksheets: Learn about continents, the Indian subcontinent, Indian states, and engage in tracing, coloring, and discovering iconic monuments.
  6. Monuments Strip Puzzle: Continue the monument exploration by piecing together 4 different monuments through a fun strip puzzle. Exciting surprises await - check out the box to know more!
  7. Armed Forces Craft Activity: Instill the spirit of nationalism in your child as they engage in a craft activity introducing them to the great Indian Defense Forces - our Army, Navy, and Airforce.
  8. Traditional Artforms Bookmark: Delve into the beautiful traditional artforms of India with our latest range of six bookmarks that are sure to be your child’s favorite learning buddies!
  9. “Pose and Guess” Game: Watch your child strike poses and dance with joy as they learn about classical dance forms of India through colorful illustrated flashcards in this multiplayer game.
  10. States of India Flashcards: Uncover the incredible diversity of our wonderful nation with a set of 24 flashcards, learning greetings in various languages, local cuisines, and traditional attires.

Unleash the joy of "Mera Bharat Mahaan" by following these simple steps to maximize your child's learning and enjoyment:


  1. Open the India Treasure Chest and explore the vibrant world of India together with your child.
  2. Start with one activity at a time, allowing your child to fully immerse themselves in each fascinating aspect of our country.
  3. Engage in interactive discussions and encourage questions, promoting a deeper understanding of Indian culture, heritage, and diversity.
  4. Set aside quality bonding time with your little one, creating cherished memories as you embark on this educational journey together.
  5. Watch your child's imagination and creativity soar as they dive into crafting, solving puzzles, and learning about the wonders of our motherland.
  6. Encourage your child to share their newfound knowledge with friends and family, spreading the joy of discovering Incredible India!


Join us in empowering the next generation with a profound love for our country and a foundation for a bright and promising future. Let the India Treasure Chest - be your child's gateway to a world of exploration and learning.

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