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Introducing The Curious Bees' Early Learning Combo Set of 7 Flashcards, designed to empower parents and inspire screen-free childhoods. Now, our best-selling flashcards - Alphabet, Numbers, Shapes and Colors, Animals, Fruits and Vegetables, My Body, and Everyday Objects - are available as a delightful combo, bringing a world of learning and fun to your little ones!


ALPHABET FLASHCARD SET: This set of 26 cards introduces capital and small English letters to kids. Each card features big/uppercase and small/lowercase letters, accompanied by beautiful pictures for easy association. These flashcards are the perfect learning partner to teach your kids phonics, improve their language skills, and facilitate early speech development.


NUMBERS FLASHCARD SET: Dive into the magical world of numbers with these double-sided number flashcards! Filled with engaging activities, these cards promote association, better learning, and cognitive development. You can also use them to help your child understand concepts like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and greater/less than.


SHAPES AND COLORS FLASHCARD SET: This unique pack of 36 flashcards aims to help children understand various shapes and colors around them. Each card is double-sided, featuring colorful illustrations on one side and engaging activities on the other. These cards are designed to improve memory, enhance visual sense, and develop spatial understanding.


ANIMALS FLASHCARD SET: Learning and fun come together with 36 high-quality and beautifully illustrated animals flashcards. Each card is double-sided, showcasing an amazing illustration of the animal on one side and a high-quality image of the animal in its natural habitat on the other.


EVERYDAY OBJECTS FLASHCARD SET: Explore the world of 72 important everyday objects in English & Hindi with this set of 36 high-quality, beautifully illustrated flashcards. These cards offer a fascinating understanding of the world around us!


FRUITS AND VEGETABLES FLASHCARD SET: An excellent tool for learning and recognition of fruits & vegetables, these flashcards come alive with bright illustrations that captivate young minds.


MY BODY FLASHCARD SET: Discover the wonders of the human body with this perfect set of 36 high-quality, beautifully illustrated flashcards featuring body parts & organs.


Activity-Based Learning for 1+ Years: These self-play cards are more than just flashcards; they are an excellent tool for learning and recognition of various concepts. Suitable for play, homeschooling, and primary school classrooms, these flashcards promote memory, retention, creativity, cognitive skills, and linguistic intelligence.


PRODUCT FEATURES: Curated to encourage early learning, our best-selling flashcard sets are not only educational but also captivating. With attractive illustrations, durability, water-resistance, and laminated thick paper with blunt corners, these cards are designed to withstand the playful hands of young learners. Pocket-friendly in size and thoughtfully packaged, they are convenient, easy to use, and ready to accompany your child on their exciting learning journey.

Playing with The Curious Bees' Early Learning Combo Set of 7 Flashcards is an engaging and interactive experience for both parents and kids. Here's how you can make the most of these educational treasures:


  1. Alphabet Fun: Start by introducing your little ones to the alphabet flashcards. Encourage them to identify and pronounce each letter while associating it with the corresponding picture. Play letter recognition games to enhance their language skills and phonics.
  2. Number Magic: Dive into the world of numbers! Use the numbers flashcards to teach basic counting and simple mathematical operations like addition and subtraction. Let your child's imagination soar as they grasp the concept of place value numbers and greater/less than through playful activities.
  3. Shapes and Colors Exploration: Unlock the wonders of shapes and colors with these captivating flashcards. Engage your child in fun games that involve matching shapes and identifying colors to improve their memory and spatial understanding.
  4. Animals Adventure: Embark on an exciting journey to explore the animal kingdom! Take your child on a safari of imagination as they learn about different animals and their habitats. Create storytelling sessions and encourage your child to express their creativity with these animal-themed cards.
  5. Everyday Objects Discovery: Open your child's eyes to the world of everyday objects. Learn about items they encounter daily in both English and Hindi. Engage in interactive conversations about the purpose and usage of these objects to foster curiosity and understanding.
  6. Fruits and Vegetables Expedition: Set off on a nutritious adventure to discover fruits and vegetables. Teach your child about healthy eating habits and encourage them to identify different produce with the help of these vibrant flashcards.
  7. My Body Voyage: Delve into the fascinating human body! Learn about body parts and organs with these beautifully illustrated cards. Play educational games to help your child understand the importance of their bodies and the functions of different organs.


Activity-Based Learning: These flashcards are not limited to rote learning. Encourage your child to come up with their own creative games and activities using these cards. This will promote critical thinking, cognitive skills, and linguistic intelligence.


With The Curious Bees' Early Learning Combo Set of 7 Flashcards, education becomes an exciting adventure filled with joy and discovery. Watch your child's confidence soar as they embark on a journey of knowledge, imagination, and growth. Happy learning and playing!

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